by Elijah Jett

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released November 11, 2011

Words and music by Michael Todd except "Goodnight Moon" and "Silence in Autumn," proudly featuring the poems of Jan Brown.

Mastered by Good Times Studio.

Track five, "Tried On All Counts," recorded by Tyler Larson at Good Times Studio. All other tracks recorded by Michael Todd in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Music and Richards Hall; various parts recorded in The George and The Kaige as well.

Chance Solem-Pfeifer appears courtesy of Chance Preston on track eight, "God's in the Grass," on vocals. Sara McCue appears courtesy of Sara McCue on track 10, "Silence in Autumn."

Album cover photo courtesy of Gregory H. Revera. Photograph taken Oct. 22, 2010, from Madison, Ala. Photographed with a Celestron 9.25 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Acquired with a Canon EOS Rebel T1i (EOS 500D). 20 images stacked to reduce noise. 200 ISO 1/640 sec.



all rights reserved


Elijah Jett Lincoln, Nebraska

"Guided by his sense of beauty, an individual transforms a fortuitous occurrence into a motif, which then assumes a permanent place in the composition of the individual's life." – Milan Kundera

With "Coriolis" I hope to chronicle my search for home in the hearts unknown. I've sought the comfort of my childhood in love, God, nature and music, among all other things. Here is how it never ends.
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Track Name: Muuyaw, part two
And when the sun goes down forever
There will be some peace at last
It’s the idyll of the future
It’s the coldness of the past

And when the moon does fall from orbit
There will be an end to pain
But the song we play for now will remain the same
On and on and on and on

It goes...
Track Name: When This Song Doth End
Well, I sold my coat, my scarf, my hat and mittens
I've been smitten with an elegant lass
Sure enough, the change I came away with
Bought a pair of cufflinks made of brass

And so, the flask my grandpa brought back
From the war in France had to go
Still, all I have to show for myself
Is a three-piece suit with six holes

That's what you get for being beautiful
That's what you get for being fine
That's what you get for being foxy
And when this song doth end mine lips
Will take up residence on thine

There's a longer list of things I've thrifted away
In the name of love's luxuries
There's no escaping testosterone
Or as I will call it, poverty

And so, I've faked my way to her heart
Playing chess, croquet, eating cheese
Sure, in the end, I'll be left in debt
But as I will see it, so will she

That's what you get for being beautiful
That's what you get for being fine
That's what you get for being foxy
And when this song doth end mine lips
Will take up residence on thine

Or will they? I don't know
Maybe I'll just back out and try something by myself

Chest hair's taking up one square inch on my chest bare
Blindingly white
Don't dare open the door there's evidence I've stared
Strewn on the floor
But what's the shame in love that's always assured

That's what you get for being beautiful
That's what you get for being fine
That's what you get for being foxy
And when this song doth end mine lips
Will say screw that, the rent's too high
Track Name: Building a Hole
Falling into love is like building a hole
Hoping to ensnare who's been piercing your soul
With words, eyes, gestures and maybe a lie or two
I'll be here waiting for you

In my little room at the foot of my bed
Churning out some notes for nobody to hear
But just in case you might be in the wrong place, wrong time
I'll keep on lying in wait

And were I more or less a man
I'd have more sense for less a plan

But falling never changes as long as the law
Of gravity dictates my probable cause
To take your heart, ask it to be mine
And if it won't, you'll have to climb your way back
Track Name: Tried on All Counts
Never once was I in her room, nor was whiskey on my breath
Honor, please, take these chains from me, hear the evidence echoing in my chest
And let me go on the train back to home, my heart beats true
Still, the days don’t break like they used to do

Father, I’ve had a test of faith, and the death knell might have rung
There’s a price on their prayers for me, and I know that it’s rising just like the son
But come to me, my sweet Lord to free my heartbeat true
Still, the waves they don’t break like they used to do

But she’s mine anytime I choose to hold so still
Red wine in a glass too small, she’s there if you listen
La dee dum dum, through the wind her voice
La dee dum dum, all that’s left are the songs of the wind

Darling, don’t call to rescue me, I’m a pure man, tried and true
Just one thing ‘fore they string me up, was I really as bad as they proved I was?
I’m safe unsound in a bed, but the state won’t pay my rent
Said the bones don’t break like they used to do
Track Name: Goodnight Moon
We can't see the moon every night
It's busy shimmering the pebbles
Somewhere on a field seven time zones away
Filtering though soft, gauzy green
Curtains whispering its return
And I rely on that celestial line
Track Name: God's in the Grass
Follow, all you old children, children
On the lam from this word you call heaven
Heaven, the great I am
Oh, your maps are your word
North, south and east, west repeat
God's in the grass
God's in the hearts in the trees

Follow, all you old children, children
To the sea for the waves are unbroken
Broken on the beach
Each one perfect and true
Stirred by the wind and world
Forward they fall
Never to reach what's ahead
Track Name: Stolen and Misshapen
What's the word for "letting go" in the native language
This and all my unsaid thoughts are seeking refuge somewhere else
I'm not here for long
And I am nothing but a man passing for a lover
Looking for another lie to let fall upon my lips
What I'd give for this

We're searching for a home
Found in the hearts unknown

And all that I presume to know was stolen and misshapen
History has lost the thread by which life can trace its birth
God was made through men
But brilliance stands to die alone when no one cares to listen
Visions of a brighter world are ever darkened by the dread
Of turning from the mirror

We're searching for a home
Found in the hearts unknown
Track Name: Silence in Autumn
Remember the summer:
thumping hums of lawn mowers and cicadas,
aromas of grilled meats and wild roses,
rhythmic turnstiles of family vacations and photos.

Here we are once more
the noises dim.
Autumn summons us from play
calls us home.
Recipe books come out
the kids come in.
The dog quickens his step,
no longer exhausted by humidity
but puzzled by
those vaguely familiar smells of fall.
I understand him at this moment.

The world pauses.
I begin drawing conclusions,
seasonal parables -
a somber task, a solitary one.
My loneliness cries in the shower.
My gratitude joins others in laughter.
I can’t decide which feeling
should carry me into winter.

The leaves turn.
The year and I lose steam,
content to finish gently.
Track Name: Pardon the Fanfare
She saw the star fall and reached out toward the sky to catch it
"We're what they call lovebirds, and I have wings when you are with me
So don't you mock me"

He said, "The stars in your eyes are all that I can wish for
Bright are the freckles in your smile, and I'll make constellations
Though you're impatient"

And we may fight over words
They may say we're just in love to know how our hearts even work
And sometimes it takes mistakes to know just how lucky we were

I'm at the bottom of the fall and stuck inside the well deep
I try to keep the waters down when you're not here to fly me
So come and find me

And we'll make love
We'll make up for time we will have lost when we will see
Each other's scars once again
And sometimes we make mistakes to know just how lucky we've been

We're not a metaphor, but we are only what we make, Kay
I'll be cartographer and chart your ever-wondrous landscapes
I'll be your weatherman and call for sunshine in the darkness
I'll be astronomer and plot the stars as they pass by us
And I'm still jobless

But I'll apply for the post of always-hopeful-sometimes-crabby Michael
For you, and I'll screw up
But sometimes I fake mistakes to know just how lucky I was